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    Seize control and find clarity with our transformative set!

    Embrace new beginnings and bid farewell to heartache. Gear up for a brighter future with this intuitively selected and Reiki-charged collection designed to help you tap into your inner strength, cleanse the old, and invite the new.


    - Rose Quartz Heart for Love
    - Purple Amethyst for Intuition
    - Yellow Citrine for Happiness
    - Rhodochrosite for New Beginnings
    - Brown Tigers Eye for Protection
    - Green Bloodstone for Healing
    - Blue Howlite for Cleansing

    Incorporate these stones into your morning routine by selecting three that resonate with you. Focus on the affirmation "I am ready for new beginnings," chanting it six times in your mind. Keep the crystals close throughout the day to experience their transformative magic.

    The set includes seven crystals presented in a recycled cardboard tube, with product dimensions of 12.5 x 3cm.

    Please note that crystal sizes may vary as each set is hand-selected, offering a unique touch. 

    Take charge of your journey with our empowering New Beginnings Crystal Set.

4 hours delivery available wihtin the UAE
Love Detox - Crystal Set

Love Detox - Crystal Set

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