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    Discover the transformative power of our gemstone wands, crafted to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. These six-sided crystal wands possess the potent ability to release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages. Each wand is meticulously hand-selected, Reiki-cleansed, and energized for optimal healing.


    Lapis Lazuli for Manifestation, Communication, Confidence & Friendship


    Hold the wand when in need of healing, focus, or clarity. Keep it in your home or workplace to infuse balance and wellness into your environment.

    Size: Approximately 60 - 80 mm 
    Packaging: 100% recyclable cardboard tube

    Please note that crystals are natural products, and as such, they may vary in shape, size, and color, deviating from the provided picture.

    Experience the harmonizing energy with our gemstone wands.

4 hours delivery available wihtin the UAE
Manifestation - Crystal Set

Manifestation - Crystal Set

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