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    Embrace positive energy with Psychic Sisters’ Meditation Incense Set Holder, a thoughtful gift designed to elevate your space. This set features 14 luxury incense sticks, meticulously crafted with the finest pure essential oils, and a clear quartz holder to enhance feelings of clarity, happiness, and calm. Both the incense sticks and the gemstone holder have been blessed with moon magic and Reiki energized for an extra touch of spiritual goodness.

    Clear Quartz: Clarity, Healing, Enhancing, Amplification

    Place the natural gemstone holder strategically around your home or workspace to cleanse, de-stress, and create a calm environment for your mind, body, and soul.


    1. Light the incense stick and gently blow out the flame, allowing the embers to smolder and release the fragrance.
    2. Relax and focus on the relevant affirmation.
    3. Repeat the affirmation in your mind 10 times.
    4. Let the incense burn for at least 10 minutes, and if needed, carefully extinguish and re-light.

    Set Includes:

    - 14 incense sticks
    - Clear Quartz incense holder
    - Burn time approx. 30 minutes per stick
    - Length: 22cm 

    Note: Never leave incense unattended, keep out of reach of children, and handle the incense tube with care as it is made of glass. Please be aware that crystal sizes may vary as they are hand-selected, and crystals may not be identical to the photograph.

4 hours delivery available wihtin the UAE
Clear Quartz Meditation - Incense Gift Set

Clear Quartz Meditation - Incense Gift Set

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