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    Quality sleep is integral to our health and well-being, impacting our daily productivity. The Sleep Well Set is designed to instill a sense of peace, helping you achieve restful nights and more productive days.

    Immerse yourself in tranquility with Reiki-charged and intuitively chosen crystals known for their calming properties:

    - Lapis Heart for Communication
    - Blue Howlite for Freedom
    - Clear Quartz for Peace
    - Purple Amethyst for Calm
    - Sparkling Blue Sandstone for Relaxation
    - Yellow Citrine for Intuition
    - Green Blood Stone for Healing

    Incorporate these crystals into your evening routine by selecting three you're drawn to. Focus on the affirmation "I am relaxed and ready to sleep," chanting it six times in your mind. Keep the crystals close to experience their magic.

    The set includes seven crystals presented in a recycled cardboard tube, with product dimensions of 12.5 x 3cm.

    Please note that crystal sizes may vary as each set is hand-selected, offering a unique and personalized touch. Experience the transformative power of quality sleep with our Sleep Well Set.

4 hours delivery available wihtin the UAE
Sleep Well - Crystal Set

Sleep Well - Crystal Set

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